I have a very weird problem.

I am running Hardy server on a pretty old machine (~7 years) with a gig of RAM (or around that) and a new, large hard drive (750GB). Its on my home network behind a router. But that's not the issue.

I have had it up and running for some time now, and its viewable and accessible from the outside world (e.g. I have all the ports forwarded correctly). I can access it via ssh from anywhere on teh internets, most of the time.

Usually I access it from my macbook via leopard's terminal. And that's all fine and dandy until I (often accidentally) close the lid and the ssh connection is broken. Or, if i close the terminal window without logging out explicitly with 'exit'. At this point its still mostly okay. I can still access my website and whatnot. But when I try to reconnect with ssh, the **** hits the fan. The ssh process (I have it on verbose mode) looks fine. No errors, no anomalies. It talks to the server fine, until the very last step when the prompt is supposed to come up. The logon message even appears, but the servername:~user$ never shows up. At this time, I can no longer access my website and the server does not respond at all. Not to pings, not to anything. If I am physically at the computer, it does not respond to any keystroke and the screen is black. The only remedy is to power cycle by holding down the power button until it turns off, then reboot. Major annoyance, especially when I'm two states away.

I'm kinda baffled at this point. I don't know how to diagnose it because the log files are clean (I think). There's no sign of any error, just the computer not responding.

Any ideas? I'm lost....