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Thread: port doesn't want to open

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    port doesn't want to open


    i have trouble opening a port on a vps running ubuntu 10.04.
    the firewall i am currently using is is already configured for SSH, Apache, MySQL, FTP, etc...
    but i can't open port 465 for smtp.

    i am using the PEAR SMTP library to send mails via smtp from php scrips.the SMTP server i'm using is from gmail and uses:
    Port for TLS/STARTTLS: 587
    Port for SSL: 465
    i tried the following:
    ufw allow 465
    ufw allow 465/tcp
    ufw allow 465/udp
    ufw allow 587
    ufw allow 587/tcp
    ufw allow 587/udp
    but my script still can't connect to the SMTP server.i'm 99% sure that is firewall related because when i turn it off everything works perfectly.

    pls help

    thank you.


    forget it, no firewall.i spent 6 hours trying to configure it and still no result.
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