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Thread: Dragon Naturally Speaking

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    Exclamation Dragon Naturally Speaking

    The "last program" I needed on Linux was voice recognition.

    I just got Dragon Naturally Speaking running on Ubuntu 6.04 Drapper Drake Testing.

    I am now 100 % Linux, Ubuntu is my primary OS (I am a GNOME, partial to XFCE, my wife likes KDE, ? Ebuntu for kids)

    Here is a link to Wine:


    Here is my how-to for all who need this program. Questions, post here and I will try to help.

    Install wine 0.9.12
    Change to root or sudo
    nano /etc/apt/sources.list
    # wine source
    deb binary/
    synaptic &
    click “Reload” button
    search wine
    install 0.9.12~winehq1-1
    exit synaptic
    exit root

    Sidenet 1.9.0 (sidenet 1.9.1 seem to fail)
    cd ~/Wine/wine-config-sidenet-1.9.0
    manual install
    install IE6 no
    install font yes
    ~/.wine/c for “c drive”

    Install IE5.5 (IE6 installs, but does not enable dragon)
    copy ie55sp2.exe to ~/.wine/c
    cd ~/.wine/c
    wine ie55sp.exe
    cd IE\ 5.5\ SP2\ Full/
    wine IE5SETUP.EXE
    minimal install -> deselect IE help files
    error message RE: DirectX Layer and DirectDrawEx -> Clikd “Next”
    error message:
    An error occurred while setting up
    Click OK

    Install Dragon
    cd ~/.wine/dosdevices
    ln -s /media/cdrom f:
    wine f:setup
    Installer starts
    Input SN
    default install location
    typical install
    install hangs at 89 %
    Chose “print registration form”
    close the explorer window that appears
    Unselect quick start

    Configure wine
    enable capture
    hit Tab
    increase capture to 80
    open sound manager
    capture tab
    enable microphone
    Aduio tab
    Crashes winecfg
    Want to Select OSS, winecfg keeps crashing
    Does not seem to matter

    Graphics tab
    unselect “Allow the window manager to control the windows”
    I think this makes Dragon run faster
    Select “Emulate a virtual window”
    Size 1280 x 1024
    this = size of window, NOT resolution
    Applictions tab
    Add natspeak.exe
    Path= Program Files\ScanSoft\ NaturallySpeaking\Program\natspeak.exe

    Add dll's (see above list)

    See wine home page
    You need to add the dll's under the LIbruary tab

    * (change this to builtin,native)

    exit winecfg

    touch ~/.wine/c/windows/system32/comdlg32.dll
    You will need to copy riched20.dll from Windows
    This requires a valid windows license

    copy riched20.dll to ~/.wine/c/windows/system32/

    touch ~/.wine/c/windows/system32/comdlg32.dll
    winecfg still runs
    Selecting autiotab still crashes winecfg

    Re-start X
    Log out -> log in
    or control-alt-backspace

    Run Dragon
    cd ~
    wine .wine/c/Program\ Files/ScanSoft/NaturallySpeaking/Program/natspeak.exe

    Audiosetup wizard starts
    I had to increase the volume on alsamixer
    Increased capture from 80 to 87
    Enter general training
    Finish general training
    Did not import documents
    Did not run tutorial
    Unselect tips of the day, no text is displayed

    Success !!

    What works
    Dragon pad
    Some voice commands “scratch that” and “correct that”
    Can dictate into notepad
    spotty at times
    Can “cut-and-paste” text outside of the wine desktop
    Can save documents from dragon pad and open them with linuc native porgrams
    Open office, Abiword, etc

    What does not work
    some voice commands
    “spell that” crashes wine
    Some fonts do not work

    My font selection is short

    dictate some text
    “correct that”
    select options -> increase to number of options to 9

    At some point an error dialog box appears
    “COM returned an unexpected error code: Details are c0000005
    This can be ignored, no change in performance
    Keeps recurring if you clikc “OK”
    Just move it aside, select dragon pad, move dragon pad over error message
    Problem solved (out of sight, out of mind)

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    Thumbs down Re: Dragon Naturally Speaking

    Here is a full description with screen shots
    Screen shots did not post here, can I E-mail them to you (or somewhere at Ubuntu?)



    Part 1. Preamble.

    This is a “hack” to get Dragon Naturally Speaking (DNS) up and running as fast as possible. DNS will perform voice recognition translating your voice into text on Dragon pad within a “wine desktop”, but does not interface directly with Linux native programs outside of the wine desktop (“cut-and-paste” between the wine desktop and Linux native programs works no problem [both ways]).

    DNS will run and perform voice recognition, but not everything works. At the end of this document I listed problems, “work arounds”, and “tips” for making the most of Dragon on Linux (Wine).

    Conventions: [~ = your home directory]
    1. I placed all downloaded files into a folder ~/Wine
    2. I used ~/.wine/c as the location of my “fake” windows c drive.
    3. DNS= Dragon Naturally Speaking Version 7 (preferred or professional).
    4. IE= (Microsoft) Internet Explorer.
    5. Tab completion- I indicate tab completion by using <tab>
    File names are long
    Lexicon to identify windows file locations with the Linux command line is obscure (to me at least)
    USE TAB COMPLETION !!!!!!!!!
    6. Commands typed at a terminal are in BOLD (italics too hard to read).
    7. My editor of choice is nano. substitute vi (or other) if you do not use nano.

    Part 2. What you need to run Dragon:

    1. Time 1-2 hours with reading and downloading.
    This ain't hard, but it ain't no “point and click” either

    2. Linux I have successfully installed and run DNS on Fedora core 5, Zenwalk 2.4, and Ubuntu 6.06.

    3. WINE. I used Wine 0.9.12-> This is the most recent version (as of this writing)
    Install as per your version of Linux
    Apt-get, YAST, yum, synaptic, source, etc

    Note: On Fedora core 5 I used pull down menu rather the the above site
    Add/Remove software -> search for wine –> Install wine-0.9.12-1.fc5.i386

    4. IE 5.5 Download from:
    Throughout this post IE=(Microsoft) Internet Explorer
    Dragon needs IE
    IE6 did not work

    5. Sidenet installer 1.9.0 (sidenet-1.9.1 DID NOT WORK)
    Download from:
    The downloads are at the very bottom of the page
    download wine-config-sidenet-1.9.0.tgz
    Unpack sidenet (I used archive manager, starts automatically after double clicking on the
    wine-config-sidenet-1.9.0.tgz file
    Creates a new folder in ~/Wine -> wine-config-sidenet-1.9.1

    6. Valid windows license -> riched20.dll REQUIRED
    I used riched20.dll from WindowsXP
    (Location C:\Windows\winnt\system32\riched20.dll)

    7. Dragon Naturally Speaking v7 (I used the professional version, I understand the preferred version also works).
    I have tried to install DNS 8 -> NO LUCK ( I can not get the installer to start)

    8. alsa and alsa-oss (sound)

    9. A “mixer” to configure your microphone. (I used kmixer).

    10. There is some mention in previous posts about DCOM98. Idid not need to download or install DCM98, ? Sidenet did it automatically.

    Part 3 Install

    1. Install Wine-> Should be done by now. If not see #3 above.
    Add/Remove software -> search for wine –> Install wine-0.9.12-1.fc5.i386

    Ubuntu 6.06
    Terminal (CLI)
    sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list -> enter password

    add the following lines to the file:

    # Wine source
    deb binary/

    Save and exit (<Ctrl> X, answer “yes”)

    Run synaptic -> Reload -> Search for “wine” -> install 0.9.12~winehq1-1

    Zenwalk terminal (CLI) [download wine-0.9.12-486-S10.2.tgz to ~/Wine as above]

    cd ~/Wine
    su -> enter root password
    installpkg wine-0.9.12-i486-S10.2.tgz


    2. Configure wine. DO NOT RUN (CONFIGURE) AS ROOT

    USE 1.9.0 (sidenet 1.9.1 DOES NOT WORK).
    This is a script that will configure wine.
    go to your new sidenet folder (In my case cd ~/Wine/sidne <tab>)
    In a terminal (CLI) [NOT AS ROOT]

    cd ~/Wine/wine-config-sidenet-1.9.0/
    chmod a+x setup

    sidenet runs in the terminal (CLI) and asks 6 questions:
    1. This script will install wine-config-sidenet.
    Continue(y/n)?> Answer “y”
    2. Please specify your language. If unsure, just hit enter and english version will be installed.
    Language code ? : <enter>
    3. Install option (0-4)? : Enter “3” (Manual installation)
    4. Install IE6 -> Answer “n”
    5. Link ~/.font -> c:\windows\fonts (y/n)? -> Answer “y”
    6. Virtual C drive path ? : -> Answer ” ~/.wine/c “(or ~/.wine/drive_c)

    Lots of output to terminal, no error messages
    At the end of the script sidenet opened my browser to tell me the installation was complete

    3. Install IE 5.5. (Dragon did not work with IE6 and wine-0.9.12)
    IE6 works fine with wine-0.9.12, BUT DOES NOT ENABLE DNS
    Copy the IE5 program to the c drive
    copy ie55sp2.exe from ~/Wine to ~/.wine/c (GUI or command line, your choice)
    Run installer ; command line again (Not as root)

    cd ~/.wine/c
    wine ie55sp2.exe

    This creates a new folder in c and unpacks or “Inflates” some cab files
    Now install IE5
    change to the new IE5 directory
    cd IE<tab> (cd IE\ 5.5\ SP2\ Full/) [watch the spaces if you do ot use tab completion]

    Now install IE (again in a terminal window [CLI]):

    wine IE5SETUP.EXE

    This installs IE5 (a well known virus) into the fake C drive
    Accept agreement -> click “Next” radio button
    Chose “Install Minimal” -> click “Next” radio button
    Unselect “Internet Explorer Help” -> click “Next” radio button
    Lots of output to terminal

    Downloads and installs IE5.5

    See message regarding DirectX Layer and DirectDrawEx not installed
    does not seem to matter -> click “Next” radio button

    You will next see a window to Restart computer -> click “Finish”
    does not really restart the computer, just winedesktop

    Lots of output to terminal, some apparent error messages
    does not seem to matter

    You will then get an error messages/complaints from IE, I ignored this as it does not seem to matter

    Click “OK”

    Lots of output to the terminal here.

    Ends in “err” messages, the last 3 lines of a long listing ends as follows:

    wine: could not load L"C:\\windows\\GRPCONV.EXE": Module not found
    err:wineboot:runCmd Failed to run command L"grpconv.exe -o" (126)
    err:winebootrocessRunKeys Error running cmd #2 (126)

    Hit <enter> and you will get the command prompt back:

    :~/.wine/c/IE 5.5 SP2 Full$

    4. Install Dragon
    No problems here. I ignored all the output and error messages. Did not seem to matter.
    The trick is to use wine to install Dragon
    Continue in a terminal (CLI)

    cd ~/.wine/dosdevices

    you need to mount and know the name of your Dragon CD
    Fedora auto mounts my CD in /media
    name of CD is : /media/ DNS_MED_7_0
    Therefore type (in a terminal) [This makes a symbolic link]

    ln -s /media/DNS_MED_7_0/ f:

    ln -s /media/cdrom0/ f:

    ln -s /mnt/cdrom/ f:

    NOTE: Link to “e”: did not work Link to e: seem OK , but it is BROKEN !!!

    now install Dragon
    Again in the terminal (CLI)

    wine f:setup

    This starts the Dragon installer and installs Dragon. [this is where I have a full set of screen shots

    Accept license -> click “next”

    Enter user name and serial number

    Click “Next”

    Click “Next”

    Click “Yes”

    I had no problems with the mouse and using the radio “OK” buttons
    I did a typical install into the default directory.
    Again, all the buttons worked for me and I used the keyboard only to type the serial # and mouse to click “OK”
    Got some output to the terminal, I ignored.

    Install then seems to hang at 89% install -> -> Be Patient
    A dialog appears to register Dragon

    Choose “print registration form” option
    Close the IE dialog that appears
    This will fool DNS into thinking you have registered the product an it will not ask you again
    With all other options DNS will keep asking you to register.
    I, of course, registered DNS years ago.

    The next box to appear is; (sorry, screen shots did not post)

    Uncheck the “Enable QuickStart mode on Windows Startup” box

    Click “Finish”

    Click “OK” in the Restart Windows box

    Installation of Dragon is now complete

    Part 4 Configure wine
    1. Terminal (CLI) again
    type winecfg
    you get a gui to configure wine

    Emulate windows 98
    Click “add application”
    Use mouse to and click on natspeak.exe
    ~/.wine/c/program Files/Scansoft/NaturallySpeaking/Program/natspeak.exe

    Click the “Open” box

    Which then gives you this:

    Not click the “Libraries” tab and configure some dll's:

    Under the Libraries tab Add the following enteries:

    * -> Click “edit” and change to “builtin,native”

    Final Product looks like this

    Click “Apply” -> Click “OK” -> This will exit winecfg

    Audio tab: Use OSS for sound (NOT ALSA) (under the winecfg audio tab)
    Audio tab crashes in Ubuntu, does not matter it was set as default by sidenet
    OK in Fedora and Zenwalk (scree shot below from Fedora core 5)

    NOTE: In winecfg, under the “Graphics” tab
    1. Emulate a virtual desktop -> I changed my wine desktop to 1280 x 1024
    MY DEFAULT resolution is 1600 x 1200 !!!

    Recommend a 800 x 600 if you default resolution is 1280 x 1024
    This sets the SIZE of the wine desktop, not the resolution.

    2. I uncheked the “allow the windows manager to control the windows” box
    Dragon seems to run significantly faster if this box is unchecked
    Could be wrong, this one is obscure to me

    Finish with a few commands in the terminal:

    2. Terminal (CLI), add an empty file “comdlg.dll” in ystem 32

    touch ~/.wine/c/windows/system32/comdlg32.dll

    The comdlg32.dll “workaround” enables Dragon, but breaks some programs in wine
    Most notable, it may break winecfg !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just delete or rename comdlg and winecfg will again work, Dragon will break
    Repeat re-name/touch.... comdlg32.dll-> enables Dragon, disables winecofg, you get the idea

    I don't know (don't care) what else is broken (in wine), the only windows program I run is Dragon

    3. Copy riched20.dll to ~/.wine/c/windows/system32
    windows dll location: C:\Windows\winnt\system32\riched20.dll

    I used windows XP dll's, no problem
    copy riched20.dll to: ~/.wine/c/windows/system32

    Step 5 Configure microphone

    1. Dragon CAN NOT adjust the microphone (volume) settings.

    2. alsamixer did not work for me
    It showed my microphone, but I could not configure the microphone capture
    You can read man alasmixer if you want, it did not help me much

    3. Go to this website:
    Thank you Skype.
    I used Kmix
    Command line again
    kmix &
    Enable BOTH the capture and microphone
    See pictures on Skype website
    See this picture from my desktop
    Note which red/green lights are activated and slider (volume) settings

    Command line
    Use <tab> to move between Playback, Capture, and All
    Use arrow keys to move between various channels
    Go to “Capture” (may not appear on the first screen, just use arrows to move over)
    Use arrow up or a number to set level
    <Esc> key to exit

    Screen shot alsamixer: Note the volume on CAPTURE and AC97 !!!

    Kmix INPUT tab: Note settings for Mic, Capture, and AC97

    Kmix Output tab: Note settings for Mic and AC97

    Run Dragon
    1. Command line again

    2. The desktop icon does not work YET
    After Dragon is configured it will work
    wine ~/.wine/c/programfiles/scansoft/.... whatever. I use tab completion:
    wine ~/.wine/c/P<tab>
    wine ~/.wine/c/Program\ Files/S<tab>
    you get the idea????
    Final destination: wine ~/.wine/c/Program\ Files/ScanSoft/NaturallySpeaking/Program/natspeak.exe

    3. This will bring you into the (audio) setup wizard followed by general training.
    I had mucho problems here. If your microphone is not configured -> no audio input -> setup fails
    If you have this problem, go back to kmix and skype website and try again
    Or try a different mixer

    Adjust microphone, click Next

    Read text

    Click Next to enter General Training

    Complete General training (no screen shots)

    4. Once the microphone is working general training begins.

    5. I had no problems with the mouse or radio (OK) buttons through general training.
    See other posts for potential problems and fixes (if any)
    Something about the Ctr or Alt key and letters?

    6. This would be a good time to BACKUP ~/.wine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Use Dragon

    Last observations:

    1. This is a hack, at best; Do not get fancy.

    2. Dictate to dragonpad and be careful when changing the font (my default was arial) as not all fonts seem to work
    If they do not text is “invisible” in Dragon pad
    Cursor moves with voice recognition -> no text

    3. Tried notepad – Mixed results at best. Advise you stay with Dragon Pad

    4. I changed to my preferred font in Dragonpad (Times New Roman; copied from Windows) worked without problems.

    5. Hot keys did not work, nor did the voice commands “go to sleep” or “wake up”.

    6. Use mouse to click the microphone (on dragon bar) or (if they work for you) voice commands (“go t sleep” ; “wake up”) to turn microphone off and on.
    7. Speed was good in fact for an old computer at least as fast as native to windows.

    8. If the program crashes or freezes, use in a terminal (CLI) wineserver -k and restart Dragon.

    9. If Dragon crashes “hard” it may take out your sound settings and you will need to re-set them with alasmixer or kmix.

    10. If Dragon crashes real hard it may take out your X server- > you will need to debug or reboot (I reboot).

    11. Did I mention; BACKUP your ~/.wine folder !?!


    Save you work often (in case of crash)
    Once done with dictation you may:
    Cut and paste to Linux (Abiword, OpenOffice, KOffice, etc)
    Save the file and open it with any Linux native editor
    Once in a “standard” Linux work processor, change font, format, etc
    Once Dragon is installed and configured
    did I mention; BACKUP your ~/.wine folder
    You can now use the Dragon shortcut on your desktop to start Dragon
    or the command line

    12. Save your work often. I keep the mouse over the save box on the dragon pad menu and click it from time to time or when attempting anything fancy (tweak).

    13. Create a separate user for each task (intended use) of dragon. For example, I use Dragon professionally (in case you have not guessed). I have a user in Dragon for professional dictation, and a second for personal use (E-mail, general non-professional dictation). I have the most problems with general (personal) dictation. Dragon puts professional terminology into general dictation (accuracy is poor). If I train Dragon to do both tasks (professional and personal) accuracy deteriorates fast. If I use two separate users, accuracy remains high for each task (professional vs. general dictation).

    14. Training: The Dragon recognition engine used “fuzzy logic” and, with continued training, accuracy first improves, then deteriorates. “best method” to optimize accuracy:
    I never found analyzing documents was not all that helpful.
    Train/dictate for 30-40 hours, then run the acoustic optimizer
    That's it. From then on, do not save your speech files when you dictate
    Do not save your speech files if you dictated with a “cold” or cough
    Instead, to train or maintain you vocabulary list, open a session with dragon
    add or train any new (or old) words
    save the speech files session
    run acoustic optimizer only if needed
    Continued training (after 30-40 hours) does not seem to improve accuracy, in fact I think it lowers over time with
    (continued training and saving of speech files the dragon engine “over learns”). This is due to fuzzy logic
    and over training within such a system.

    15. Crash:
    When dragon crashes, it crashes hard. It may take out alsa (sound). It may take out X server.

    Solution (if x server crashes):
    At login prompt-> root, enter root password -> shutdown -r now (reboots computer)
    For me Dragon crashes with the spelling tool ”spell that”, wither as a voice command or as an option from the correction
    dialog (“correct that” -> choose spell -> crash)
    You have been warned

    16. Error messages:
    I keep getting a repetitive COM returned an unexpected error code: Details are c0000005
    Click the radio "OK" button -> It's like the energizer bunny, it keeps going......
    I ignore it altogether, move the dragon pad window over (on top of) the error window -> problem solved (hidden)
    Out of sight..... Out of mind

    Just click on the Dragon pad window and it will become the active window covering the error message.

    If I move the Dragon pad window a little more to the right I will no longer ever see the error message.

    17. Voice commands:
    “Correct that” works (increase list to 9 in “options”), but spelling dialog crashes the program.
    Either “spell that” or using the spell option form the corrections list -> crash (see No. 1 above)
    If none of the 9 choices in the correction list are correct, choose “unselect that” as other options tend to freeze or crash Dragon

    18. Use the Words tab on Dragon menu to train words/phrases
    When training-> the words do not appear in the dialog box, but it seems to work OK

    19. Import Fonts
    Copy Font from Windows to ~/.fonts or ~/.wine/c/fonts (same thin, sidenet created a link, see install sidenet above)
    To some extent this can fix the problem of Invisible text in some (not all) message boxes
    Works in word training box whis is most important.

    I have now told you more then I know!!

    Beam my up Scotty, there is no intelligent life here

    Personal notes:
    Could not import dragon 8 vocabulary into DNS 7, incompatible vocabulary between DNS 7 & 8
    As above, I could not install or update to DNS 8

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    Thumbs down Re: Dragon Naturally Speaking

    Any replies?

    FYI: I have had problems installing Dragon into Wine 0.9.13 and 0.9.14.

    Download wine 0.9.12 from here:

    Install Dragon.

    You can then upgrade wine to 0.9.13 or 0.9.14 without problems. No improvement in performance over wine 0.9.12.

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    Re: Dragon Naturally Speaking

    Hm... looks good. (didn't see this when you posted it originally) I may try it tomorrow.
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    Re: Dragon Naturally Speaking

    Ok, this may be a dumb question, but I've never used Wine so bear with me. Can Dragon control the rest of the computer like it can in Windows? From the description in the howto, it sounds like you're confined to just other programs running in Wine. Too bad if that's the case, because Dragon Dictate is incredibly useful for people who can't use thier arms.

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    Thumbs down Re: Dragon Naturally Speaking

    Thank you for yor post.

    First: Wine is under heavy development and it is not easy or intuitive to run. Basically, in a nut shell, first install wine, then configure wine, then install windows programs.

    You can use synaptic to install wine.

    To configure wine you either need to know how to configure windows/wine DLL's and the registry or use a tool. I am aware of 3 tools: Winetools, Sidenet, and Wine Doors. Wine doors is the newest and may not be ready for prime time.

    Wine tools changes some of the wine configuration files and installs a number of microsoft code. I have not used wine tools successfully to configure wine to run Dragon.

    Sidenet works, but not the most current version (follow my post, versions of wine, sidenet, and IE are critical. After you install Dragon you can update wine). Dragon version 8 is not working.

    Wine doors I have not tried, but I think it under (? heavy) development.

    You can also try Crossover office or cedega. Cross over office is not working with Dragon according to their web site (there has been no activity on the crossover office web site regarding Dragon in almost 18 months). cedega is primarily for games and I could not get Dragon working under cedega.

    Another problem with wine is it is in the "alpha" stages and often suffers form "regression" which means there is significant variability in performance between various versions of wine and after an upgrade a previously working program may no longer work.

    My impression is the wine project still has a long way to go to emulate windows 98, let alone windows 2000 or XP.

    To answer you question regarding Dragon: Right now Dragon has very basic voice recognition ONLY. Dragon has may more complex features which are not working at this time. There is no integration with linux native programs other then cut-and-paste. So no, voice commands or controlling the computer as you say will not work and is likely a long way away.

    If wine doors comes to fruition, however, this may change.

    Good luck, thank you for your questions.

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    Re: Dragon Naturally Speaking

    Thanks. My dad uses the old, 16bit version of Dragon to do pretty much everything with his computer, and because of that he has been stuck with Windows ME (XP doesn't like the old Dragon, he has been training it for like 10 years so doesn't want to upgrade, plus old Dragon does some things new Dragon can't). I was hoping to convert him to Linux and use Wine to get his Dragon to work, but it doesn't sound too promising.

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    Thumbs down Re: Dragon Naturally Speaking


    I do not think dragon/Linux will work for your situation.

    However you should be able to run just fine in Windows XP. There is a compatibility option in windows for older software. I have used if for games and it worked well. I can not describe how it is exactly done, try a google search.

    Also there is not much, if anything, the old dragon can do that the new dragon does not do better. I have used multiple versions of Dragon for years and can not think of any option that was not either maintained, if not ehnanced on newer versions of Dragon.

    Dragon 7 and 8 are both significant improvements from previous versions. Training is much faster and much more efficient and accurate.

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    Re: Dragon Naturally Speaking

    this is good, my brother uses Dragon and is a bit reluctant to leave the windows world because of it... I'll have to try this out. I may also try to use it in a windows install under vmware, I wonder if that would work.
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    Cool Re: Dragon Naturally Speaking

    I've tried ViaVoice for Windows XP in a VMware session in ubuntu and had no luck, I have heard that voice recognition is one area where virtualisation software i.e. VMware, Citrix e.t.c is no good at all.

    Tried in VMware running XP Pro, home & Vista beta but I'd be interested to know if Dragon would work.

    Of course you're then restricted to input into programmes running in the virtual machine, and if your computer isn't top of the range it'd prob. be sooooo slow even if it did work- 2 OS's + voice rec. software = huge processor drain...

    i hate being the voice of doom
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