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Thread: Mupen64Plus v1.99.4 + CuteMupen GUI

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    Mupen64Plus v1.99.4 + CuteMupen GUI

    Done on Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit

    First install Mupen64Plus v1.5 from the repos, there is method to this madness!
    sudo apt-get install mupen64plus

    Open Mupen64+, go Options -> Configure --> Plugins Tab --> Select "blight's SDL input plugin" --> Click Config and setup your gamepad/controller --> Apply changes & test that it works in a few games, exit mupen64+

    Now we have to backup that config file for the gampad/controller.
    cp ~/.config/mupen64plus/blight_input.conf ~/Desktop
    Verify the file is on your desktop and that it contains the settings for you controller.

    Now we can uninstall mupen64+,
    sudo apt-get purge mupen64plus
    Check to see that the config files were removed as well, if they are still there you can do,
    rm -r ~/.config/mupen64plus

    So why did we just go through this whole exercise? Well currently the is no GUI front end you can use to setup your gamepad/controller for Mupen64+ v1.99.4. The application itself no longer has a GUI (cli only) and the available frontends out there do not support configuration of the controller as yet so we need a backup copy of our v1.5 config file for later.

    Lets get on to installing mupen64+ v1.99.4

    First lets add the developers PPA to our repos,
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sven-eckelmann/ppa-mupen64plus

    Next we do an update and install the app,
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install mupen64plus

    Run mupen64+ so it creates a config folder and file,

    Next we install CuteMupen front end, get the 32-bit version if you are using 32-bit OS, check for newer files!
    tar xvfj cutemupen-linux64-0.1.0.tar.bz2

    Add CuteMupen to your menu,
    Right click on Applications toolbar --> Edit Menus --> Games --> New Item
    Type: Application
    Name: CuteMupen
    Cammand: /home/username/cutemupen-linux64-0.1.0/cutemupen

    Open CuteMupen, it's going to prompt you for some default files & folder locations.

    Core libabrary file: /usr/lib/
    Plugins: /usr/lib/mupen64plus (or /home/username/.config/mupen64plus/plugins and copy the contents of /usr/lib/mupen64plus into it which is what I have done.)
    Data: /home/username/.config/mupen64plus/data
    Config: /home/username/.config/mupen64plus
    ROMs: Wherever you have your ROM files stored.
    If the folders don't exist create them.

    Quit and restart CuteMupen. You can now setup your plugins and their setting to suite your needs.

    If your controller/gamepad does not work out of the box you will have to edit your /usr/share/mupen64plus/InputAutoCfg.ini file with information from the ~/Destop/blight_input.conf file we backed up earlier.

    Here are some examples that show how,

    This post was compiled with info taken from:
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    Re: Mupen64Plus v1.99.4 + CuteMupen GUI

    wonderful worked great, thank you

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    Re: Mupen64Plus v1.99.4 + CuteMupen GUI

    See the above thread for discussions, feedback & questions.

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