Hi All,

I've just installed pyKaraoke and loaded a song to my harddrive, which played beautifully. The wife and kids were made up about it until they found out the mic sound didn't work. I went to Sound recorder and made a short voice recording which was fine on playback.

After that anticlimax my first big mistake was going to sound preferences and twiddling the input settings. That gave me a reading on the mic but killed the sound out of the speakers. Restoring the sound to the speakers, again using Sound Preferences, killed the mic. It seems if I select one I don't get the other.

A really annoying thing with pyKaraoke is that when I run the program it takes over my pc completely. The mouse goes dead, I can't tab around to check levels etc... Curiously, (I use two screens by the way) when I load pyKaraoke on the secondary displays fine, if I load it on the primary display it locks up my computer and I have to crash out.

I'd obviously started digging a big hole to fall into!

The next mistake was thinking I need a mixer. In Terminal I typed mixer and it said I could install Csound so I did - that cost me the sound button on the top toolbar - but I could still get there via Preferences. I never got a peep out of Csound either, but I haven't un-installed it yet.

By now I'd also lost the capability to make a recording using Sound Recorder.

I reckon by now the hole I've dug is deep enough to warrant requesting outside help.

A search through Ubuntu forums threw up a couple of headers referring to this problem but frustratingly they showed SOLVED without giving the solution. Doh!

I should add that I installed Alsasound which has a mixer but I haven't a clue how to work it. I installed that after installing an nVidia card with HDMI but that has never given me sound either. My onboard graphics is also nVidia so I don't know which one I'm using, nor do I know how to find that out. I guess that's another spadeful of hole.

Using AMD64 bit 10.04

Any suggestions please?