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Thread: HOWTO: Easy, simple GUI setup of smb file server

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    Re: HOWTO: Easy, simple GUI setup of smb file server

    nothing shows up in windows7.

    What are you supposed to type into the empty entry box??
    you can click server example, also drop down box is empty.

    bust using 12.10

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    Re: HOWTO: Easy, simple GUI setup of smb file server

    I had problem Windows 7 doesnt see in network places anything.
    My Computer-> Right Click "Network" -> Properties -> Opens Network And Sharing Center -> Change advanced sharing settings -> Choose your profile and select Network discovery to Turn ON.

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    Re: HOWTO: Easy, simple GUI setup of smb file server

    Quote Originally Posted by Morbius1 View Post
    With Cracklepop's permission I would like to offer an alternative. The problem with external USB drives ( if formatted with NTFS or FAT32 ) is that they automount with your-user-name as owner and permissions of 700 meaning only your-user-name has access. One way as explained above is to add an entry into fstab but you can also use Samba itself to work around this problem. It does however violate the premise of this HowTo in that it requires a non-GUI remedy:

    Edit smb.conf as root:
    gksu gedit /etc/samba/smb.conf
    Add a line to the [global] section:
    force user = your-user-name
    Change "your-user-name" to your actual login user name on that box.

    Save the file, exit gedit, and back in the terminal restart samba:
    sudo service smbd restart
    After the remote user passes Samba authentication ( be that guest or with a username and password ) his identity will be converted to "your-user-name" as far as those shares are concerned.
    Thanks for this... I'm running a fileserver with the OS running off a solid state drive and my file server data being located on a 2TB raid 1 drive. So I followed these instructions and it fixed my issue with not being able to connect to the server remotely. Unfortunately, whenever I restart my server, it forgets permissions!!! Does anybody have any idea what's going on and why it might be doing this? Thanks muchly

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