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Thread: Rhythmbox tray-icon plugin not working

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    Rhythmbox tray-icon plugin not working

    Hello, does anyone know how to get the Rhythmboy tray-icon plugin to work?

    I followed these instructions to add plugins:

    But there is no tray-icon showing up. Plugin is activated, I checked alreaday. Notice: I am not talking about the notification icon in the volume menu. I want a separate system tray icon for Rhythmbox for easy and quick access.

    Rhythmbox 2.96
    Ubuntu 12.04, 64-bit.

    I contacted the developer. You have to whitelist it for system tray. This can easily be done with dconf-editor under
    Desktop > Unity > Panel

    Then in the systray-whitelist add the entry 'tray_icon_worker'.

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