I am running Ubuntu 9.1 Server - just command line, no GUI here.... and I need to run an app that is a Win 32 application

This application is basically a "data-server" type of app and has _no_ user interface and makes _no_ calls to the Windows graphics API's. (this app was created in Delphi and uses kbmMW middleware to allow it to sit between a Firebird database on our Linux server and client applications that communicate with it requesting data)

Can anyone tell me if Wine comes in a "server" only style... yea, I know... that sounds like a pretty funny question!!! - but I really want to keep my Ubuntu server "lean & mean" and I don't want to install a bunch of graphical libs that will never be used.... but I still need my non-gui Win32 app to run....

Any info/ideas are really appreciated.