Just thought I'd share a solution. I've had a working Puredyne setup for a while now, and one day, Aqualung decided to be slow. Specifically, it would open up just fine, connected to Jack, etc. However, when I'd go to click a file, it would start playing immediately, but during playback there was about a 15 second delay for ANY other commands given to Aqualung.

I then noticed that the "Album Art" picture in the top right corner only appears during playback. So, something coincided with playback...a *pattern.* I then realized that this so-called "Album Art" was actually a large 1.2 MB jpeg Aqualung had arbitrarily found on my computer. So, I right-clicked in the window>Settings>General>Cover Art> and checked the box saying "Don't show cover thumbnail in the main window."

Now, I get no album art, but who cares. It works again. Now I can keep listening to MP3s again with all the reverb, chorus, EQ, delay, filters, and compressors I want. Aqualung rules.