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Since the file is in a respository I'm not sure how you can get it without any access at all. You could save to a USB if you could download it somehow, but without the ability to get to it I'm not sure. Maybe someone can offer insight if they have faced that situation before.

The file is non-free, but that only means it is not open source. You do not pay for it. It is readily available to anyone but its source code is restricted and proprietary so it cannot be modified or supported by another party.

Best of luck getting the file. Worst case maybe you could move the desktop machine to the router or modem location long enough to install that, then move it back? I know that is a pain to do but I don't know how to get that file without at least one instance of Internet access so you can save it to a portable drive.
I found this, and tried with the live CD but nothing happens,
is that because of the CD or something else?

This is the link where i found the download:

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