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Thread: Chrome Drag and Drop Bug

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    Cool Chrome Drag and Drop Bug

    Hi there

    I seem to be having a strange issue where in Google Chrome on Ubuntu 10.10 where if I accidentally click and drag on a highlighted image or piece of text (which I do often on my laptop when copying and pasting) a watermark version of the text or image moves with the cursor, I assume to allow quick downloading and dragging to other programs.

    But when I let go of the item it moves back towards its original position but stops about 10px away. Then when I minimize Chrome or bring another window to the front that watermark item is still at the front of the screen.

    The only way I can get rid of it is to drag a second item within Chrome and both disappear. Then a third time it stays and the 4th they both go.

    It isn't a major issue but while I work I copy example code from forums and websites to test or learn from and I quite often end up with large overlays of code and have to go back to Chrome and repeat my action to get rid of it.

    I have attached an example where I have dragged the forum logo on the forum homepage. And then after I switched to gedit and the overlay is still there.
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    Re: Chrome Drag and Drop Bug


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    Re: Chrome Drag and Drop Bug

    Same issue here.
    Ubuntu 10.10,
    Chrome 10.0.648.204

    The worst case is with the google maps. If you want to drag map to move around, watermark of whole map stays on screen.

    It is not only chrome issue. The same issue is in filezilla. If you want to upload or download files via drag and drop, the file icon stays floating on the screen. But if you upload multiple times, all the icons will stay floating.

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    Re: Chrome Drag and Drop Bug

    upgraded to 11.04 - this bug is fixed now

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