I've just uploaded an entire GRUB 2 configuration to http://www.rodsbooks.com/grub-efi.tgz. Note that's a download link for a tarball. Extract it in the root of your EFI System Partition and it will create or overwrite your EFI/BOOT directory in that partition. This includes a BOOTX64.EFI file, which holds the GRUB boot-time binary, as well as GRUB module files and a grub.cfg file -- essentially, everything that's normally in /boot/grub. I built this from scratch using the stock GRUB 1.99-rc1. This installation looks to the EFI System Partition's EFI/BOOT directory for the files that ordinarily go in /boot/grub, so you'll have to manually update grub.cfg in EFI/BOOT whenever you upgrade your kernel or otherwise want to make changes. Of course, you'll need to create your own grub.cfg file from the outset; the one included in the tarball will almost certainly not work for you.