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Thread: Dual screen, compiz + colour calibration with 8600M GT

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    Dual screen, compiz + colour calibration with 8600M GT

    After a few tries, I managed to install Ubuntu on my 3rd generation Macbook Pro (MacbookPro3,1). I installed the proprietary drivers for the Nvidia graphics card and got all the other features working with the information from this page.

    However, I am having various problems getting the screens working as I would like. When my laptop is at my desk, it is connected to an external 24-inch monitor via DVI, however I regularly disconnect this screen when I go to uni etc.

    Ideally I would like Ubuntu to do the following (all of which I can do in Windows and Mac, or the equivalent thereof):

    1. Auto-detect when the external monitor is plugged in, set that monitor as the primary screen (with gnome panel etc). And auto-detect when it is unplugged and set the laptop screen as primary.
    2. Support moving windows between both screens
    3. Compiz on both screens
    4. Separate colour calibration on each screen

    So far, I have only been able to get a subset of these working at once. I got 2 working alone, without any compiz and the colour calibration only worked on the laptop screen. I got 3 and 4 working without being able to move windows between screens. I have not been able to get 1 working at all - when I disconnect the monitor, I have to tell the nvidia control panel it is gone.

    Is there any way to get all four of these things working? I would be willing to sacrifice 3 if 1, 2, and 4 were all working.

    (I posted this thread to Apple users as well, but I figure there will be more activity here).

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    Re: Dual screen, compiz + colour calibration with 8600M GT

    bump, did you ever find a solution to this problem? How did you get 3 & 4 working? When I apply the color correction, it applies it to both monitors at the same time (when using twinview in the nvidia control panel). Did you have to set up the external monitor as a separate X screen?

    I have ubuntu running on an asus laptop and wish to connect an external monitor and am running into issues similar to yours. If you have figured it out please post, thanks!

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