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Thread: Drag & Drop folder foocus

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    Drag & Drop folder foocus

    Hi guys, and girls

    I would like to ask a question about Nautilus. I've been searching here, on internet and our czech forum, but haven't find an answer yet.

    I would like to set/copy one feature from Windows. I can desribe it on this situation.

    For example open any folder with some movies and subtitles.
    Open a movie.
    After that, screen looks like this

    Next, i would like to drag subtitles to the player, but
    in Windows, if I drag the file with subtitles, the focus stays on the player, so the player is in foreground, so I can move them to the player. [that's what I'm trying to]

    in Nautilus, if I drag the sbt file, the player looses the focus and goes to background and the folder to the foreground, so I can't move the sbt to the player. Now I have to place both, tha player and the folder next to each other, so they don't overlap each other.

    I've found just 2 links, if I'm searching for "drag drop focus folder" all results are about moving, coping...
    I don't like that solution, I don't want the player to be always on top.
    I use Docky instead of bottom panel, and it doesn't work with that, so alt+tab doesn't.

    So my question is, is it possible to set nautilus to behave like windows while "drag&drop"? I hope, I described my problem well.

    Thank you all for any help.

    Nosko [Greetings from Slovakia ]

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    Re: Drag & Drop folder foocus

    couldn't agree more, i don't like make movie player always on top

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    Re: Drag & Drop folder foocus

    Quote Originally Posted by nepjua View Post
    couldn't agree more, i don't like make movie player always on top
    Me too! Like+1. I don't know, maybe we should make a feature request.

    Also one thing that happens to me too often: browse some picture folder in Nautilus. Double click on one and see that is not THE one that I was looking for. Quickly press Alt-F4 and Nautilus closes.... AAaagh!

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