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Thread: Best way to monitor CPU temp?

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    Re: Best way to monitor CPU temp?

    @Cloyd - Thank you! I really appreciate the help.

    I logged into my Dell account and found that the processor is a

    I have been unable to find anything about maximum / critical temperature for this chip. I'll check the links you posted.

    On the forum I did find one other guy with the same chip in a similar situation. Except his machine has been shutting down on him because its too hot.

    I still don't understand the difference between the libsensors temp 1 and the core temperatures. However the libsensors temp 1 seems to be very close (could be updating at a different rate) to what I see from i8kmon.
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    Re: Best way to monitor CPU temp?

    I know this is an older thread, but I cam across it while looking for a temp sensor app to use for Ubuntu (I just installed LinuxMint, and forgot I switched over to it, but oh well...still experimenting with different flavors). I can't even see these pics anymore, so I don't know everything that's going on with the screens & temps...
    With temps being up in the 80's, I have to ask: are you overclocking, and if not, are you running your laptop under a load when measuring temps? It's easy for your CPU to get into the 80s with a laptop because of the lack of proper airflow, everything close together generating heat, etc, and those vents can get dusty and blocked fast & easy.

    As for the different temps, it sounds to me like they're using different sensors. The last post with the results from just typing sensors in the terminal suggests to me that the other temp is a reading on the GPU core.

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