On my Dell Inspiron 1545, KDE has been behaving oddly for some time, but in the last week or two the the plasma desktop, while running, has not displayed the wallpaper or the comma. I decided to update (or is it upgrade?) my packages as suggested by the Update Manager.

My original install was Jaunty, and until the package update I did yesterday, Update Manager was offering me to upgrade to Karmic (9.10). Now it's offering to upgrade to Lucid (10.4), so I'm assuming I'm now running (a fouled-up) Karmic. On reboot after the update, my touchpad failed to work (but I have a USB mouse I like better anyhow), and I've discovered my sound doesn't work any more. The speakers pop a time or two on boot and desktop loading. Also, I still have no Plasma desktop in KDE. This machine has about five wms installed, so I've fallen back to Gnome for the moment.

Evolution displays my folders but says there's nothing in them and won't download new mail. I did a restore of my last Evo backup, to no avail. Simple Backup Restore has done apparently nothing, as it runs the drive for a minute, then goes idle.

I wish I had more concrete details about the weirdnesses that are going on, but this machine has been acting oddly for a few months. I'd like some opinions on what I might do to get it working correctly again short of slapping in a Kubuntu 10.10 disc and starting over. I'm confused as to which version I'm currrently running, as Jaunty repositories still appear on my software sources list. I know Jaunty is out of support, so this confuses me a bit. I've been using Ubuntu for nearly two years and this is my first upgrade encounter on this machine. My next plan was to uninstall KDE entirely from Gnome and reinstall it. KDE is my favourite WM and I really miss it.

Apologies for what must sound like ravings. I've not kept track of what's what with this machine as I ought to have. I'm hoping someone out there will take pity on me and give me some tips on how to help this poor machine.