Many thanks are given to Autostatic and Trulan for the number of posts they have made. In this forum and others.

I now have my first successful recording from a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 that was connected less than 2 hours ago. This is also the first time firewire has been used on the system.

Applications are;

Jack2 from falkTX at KXStudio

Base system is Lucid 2.6.32-27 generic running on an AMD 64 chip.

Over the past two weeks numerous packages have been changed while waiting for hardware to be delivered. Almost all using Synaptic coming from PPAs by Autostatic and KXStudio. The PPA from KXS has now been deactivated after loading only a select few packages.

Since making all these changes there is no active speaker in the panel, at the top of the screen, after booting. In other words there is no System|Preferences|Sound. I can get it back and listen to internet radio or CDs by running "pulseaudio -vv" in terminal and this is what was used for the past week or two.

The current problem is no sound from the monitors when Jack2 is up and running. I am able to get Sound Preferences working and the speaker icon in the panel is as it should be but the hardware tab is empty. No sound cards loaded.

Can someone help with getting the sound cards reloaded and maybe an explanation or 2 about what I've actually done loading all these non standard packages.