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Thread: Old Versions of VueScan (9.0.12 in particular)

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    Old Versions of VueScan (9.0.12 in particular)

    I'm hoping someone can help... last year I purchased a copy of VueScan, as it was the only scanning utility I could consistently get to work with my scanner (Epson Perfection 3490 Photo). My year of support and free upgrades ended on January 14, 2011, which means that version 9.0.12 (released four days earlier), is the most recent update that will validate. Unfortunately, I'm not always as quick to download the newest versions, and a new version of VueScan seems to be released every few days (an exaggeration, but not a big one!), so the version I currently have installed is 9.0.6.

    I see from looking at the release notes of more recent versions that there are a couple of fixes aimed at Epson scanners, and one specifically aimed at my particular model. Unfortunately, the VueScan website only has the most recent version (9.0.16), which won't validate for me (as it shouldn't, since it was released after my support period ended), and a few legacy releases, such as 8.5.41 and 8.6.66). I emailed Ed Hamrick, the person behind VueScan, but he says he doesn't keep old versions, so I'm out of luck with him.

    Would anyone happen to have a copy of version 9.0.12? I've looked everywhere I can think of (websites dealing with old versions, etc.), but can't find it anywhere, and I'd love a little help getting this from someone who might have a copy backed up or still installed.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Old Versions of VueScan (9.0.12 in particular)

    Is it the 32 or 64 bit version that you want/need?

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