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Thread: Wine Crash

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    Wine Crash

    So ive been using wine for quite some time. my friends kept bugging me with "there is no ITunes on ubuntu" so i tried to make it run on wine. however it does not work i try to open it and it wont, i try to remove or reinstall something and nothing happens. and this problem keeps on hapening with every other thing i try to use in wine, i already tried removing wine but the software i tried on wine still stays there. and i cant remove them. Please tel me how to fix this and how to remove all apps from wine.

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    Re: Wine Crash

    there is no ITunes on ubuntu

    Apple closely guards and purposely obscures the workings of iPods even going so far as to alter it from time to time to intentionally make it difficult for non-Apple software and hardware to interoperate with iPods. Nevertheless Ubuntu works very well with iPods, except for the newest generation iPod Touch, iPhone, 5th generation Nano iPod and any other future generation Apple portable devices where Apple changed their systems so that they no longer show up as generic storage devices. To work with these new-generation devices, look at this article on using Ubuntu to sync with your iPhone/iPod touch. Most firmwares are supported with the installation of Ubuntu software to get them to work.

    Adding music, syncing, and creating playlists

    For this you can use Banshee, Amarok or gtkpod. Banshee and Amarok are full music management applications that work with the iPod (much like iTunes), whereas gtkpod is a simpler application used only to sync with the iPod.
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    Re: Wine Crash

    try to browse your .wine folder in home directory. usually the uninstall is not clean as in windows (especially in wine) so go to program files in drive_c and remove the folder that shows up in start menu wine etc...
    perhaps all the tell tale stories of prev installs that has to be un installed completely.

    hope you find the solution doing this. i did it to uninstall something from wine...
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