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Thread: Connected but can't ping?

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    Connected but can't ping?

    Hi all

    I've noticed something today, not a major issue just something I'd like to know the answer to.

    Even though I'm on the net I can't ping websites or local machines.

    Under System>Preferences>Network Connections, my wired connection is shown as 'Auto eth0' but shows 'Never' for Last Used (see attached Network Connections.png).

    Under System>Admin>Network Tools, the Network Device is shown as 'Ethernet eth0' and the Received Bytes figure rises as I browse websites (see attached Network Tools.png)

    I am definitely connected - I can browse websites in Firefox & Chrome, I can send and receive emails in Thunderbird and Gmail, I can download items from newsgroups and torrents, I can view networked shares from other local machines (and they can see my shares) and I can remote desktop to my son's XP laptop. Definitely connected!

    However, under the Ping tab on Network Tools, I am unable to ping a website or a local machine on my network (see attached Ping - Network Tools.png). I've been able to do this in the past and haven't changed any settings as far as I know.

    Like I say, not a big problem just one that interests me.

    Thanks in advance
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