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Thread: Empathy Internet Messaging

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    Empathy Internet Messaging


    I tried linking my MSN account to Empathy Messenger for the first time - all went well Butttttttttttttt.

    I went to my friends house the next day and he told me that my MSN account status on his Windows PC MSN was continuously logging in and out. My computer had been switched off all morning and only used the night before.

    I went home logged on to Ubuntu 10.10 Empathy and I was logged off - I logged on and then logged off and rang my friend he told me that My status was now showing "That I was away"

    I have dual boot system (xp) I went and changed my MSN password and question- should I be concerned is this a known software glitch/ security issue?



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    Re: Empathy Internet Messaging

    You may want to try changing your password on MSN. It sounds like it may have been compromised. That may not be your problem, but it's definitely the first thing I would rule out.
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