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Thread: Anyone with Radeon HD 5970 on Ubuntu?

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    Anyone with Radeon HD 5970 on Ubuntu?

    Few months before Christmas i installed Ubuntu 10.10 64 bit, on my computer. My Radeon HD 5970 didn't like the ATI Catalyst driver nor the experimental driver i tryed. It kept flickering when i saw video. I did try lots of things, uinstalling compiz etc, but flicker wouldn't go away when i played movies..

    My question is. Do anyone have Radeon HD 5970 on a Ubuntu distro, without the flicker? I really want to go all linux

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    Re: Anyone with Radeon HD 5970 on Ubuntu?

    I know it's long dead thread, but did you manage after all? - My free open source turn based strategy game project! Master your beasts!

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    Re: Anyone with Radeon HD 5970 on Ubuntu?


    Yes, this thread is long dead. If a thread is more than about a year old, it is best to start a new one. Things change so quickly in the computer world that threads this old may be of little value -- or worse.

    Please start a new thread and feel free to refer to this one in it.

    Thread closed.
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