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Thread: Important! How to find bad hosting company.

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    Recently I was surfing CS Cart forum and found very interesting thread by Lee Li Pop, since it might help be help to some I'm posting it here. Please note that all credit must go to Lee Li Pop member of CS Cart.
    Here is how to find your web hosting company
    1. Go to this URL:
    2. Change to the end "" with your web hosting company URL
    3. On the result page, looking for "This site was hosted on"
    4. Copy the "ASXXXX"
    5. Go there:
    6. Paste the "ASXXXXX" on "Search our database" field
    7. Enjoy!

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    Re: Important! How to find bad hosting company.

    That may give a false sense of security, but, like spam, lists of malicious sites are worthwhile.

    A friend hosted her business with a web hosting company that was well-known in the region and reputable. It didn't stop her site and database from being infiltrated and hacked, however.

    Any average Joe (technically savvy, of course) can set up a "web hosting" company on a bunch of servers in his garage. They are everywhere. Virtual machine/cloud software, load balancers, control panel, and monitoring software, while not for Ma and Pa Kettle, are not impossible to set up and configure.

    So there are lots and lots of smaller "webhosts" cropping up everywhere. It takes an amazing amount of effort to secure them properly, however, and database theft and hacking is not at all rare. The hackers often have their own "webhosts" set up and already know the weaknesses.

    This even happened about 2 years back, I think, on Amazon Cloud. How do you think all the database thefts of banks, online social media, diplomatic corps (heh heh), and other widely used services occur?

    Right now this is such a fluid problem (a webhosting "farm" can be set up in less than a week) that I imagine any list will be relatively inaccurate without constant updates, much like anti-virus and anti-spam lists.

    What did my friend do? She moved her servers onto her own computers (using Ubuntu software). She made sure her bandwidth was adequate for her needs. She hired someone locally to analyze and periodically maintain her server security and found that the entire solution was far less costly than keeping, updating, and maintaining her servers on a webhost. As her (and her technical partner's) knowledge increased, she was also able to easily add more servers and customize them (without the added costs that are associated with doing this with webhosts). YMMV.
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    Smile Re: Important! How to find bad hosting company.

    Respected perspectoff, thanks for the reply I really very much appreciate your reply on the issue I completely agree with your view. If you can throw some light to good material on how to set up a server on our premises and secure them would be great help for many.

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