Hello All,

So I recently made a backup iso of Ubuntu 10.10 (got it to successfully work in VirtualBox and boot off my flashdrive). Now I was hoping to find a way to get that iso to run directly off the system's RAM. I did some extensive Google searching and found a couple different articles describing how to do this being the most popular. The problem I seem to have with most of the articles is that they're either too complicated (like the one I just mentioned) or they don't seem to work with the iso made by remastersys. I'm hoping that someone could help me out with making my remastersys iso be able to run directly off the RAM (I'm hoping to be able to plug the flashdrive into multiple computers, boot Ubuntu off them, and then have them play a network LAN game together so the OS cannot be dependent on my USB). A second part to this is that the iso is just short of 1G and I was curious that if I were to et this to work how much RAM I would need to run the OS at a reasonable speed. In the way of any articles or instructions anyone might post, I'd consider myself a beginner to intermediate linux user (closer to beginner but I catch on quick).

Thank you all very much in advance,
- blizzards7