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Thread: Wubi crashes Windows 7

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    Wubi crashes Windows 7

    I am preparing to install Ubuntu server to run the server I am building. Both the server and Ubuntu are new to me. In preparation to this I installed Wubi on my Windows 7 laptop. It installed nicely and works smoothly. Unfortunately when I went back into W7 it has crashed 5 times in a row. Sometimes I got 5 minutes into the running of windows. The last time it crashed before I could even log in.

    I am unable to determine what is going on as i can't get around in my Windows for very long. Fortunately the Ubuntu side of my computer is still working well.

    My W7 install is on a smaller partition (80GB). Would the Wubi installed on this same partition and maybe crowding the W7 install? Should I create another partition to install the Wubi onto or just install a Ubuntu on a separate partition?

    How should i go about troubleshooting this?

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    Re: Wubi crashes Windows 7

    Try this thread , there may be something helpful.
    “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can".

    Ubuntu Documentation Search: Popular Pages
    Ubuntu: Security Basics
    Ubuntu: Manual

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    Re: Wubi crashes Windows 7

    i sure hope you don't intend to run server on a wubi install.

    Wubi uses a virtualisation (creates a large file) within windows system. if the file gets corrupted, you could lose everything. not to meniton you are limited in size of the os.

    if you plan to have a server i would suggest at least to read Ubuntu manual to learn about desktop, and a few basic command and differences betwen Linux and windows, dual boot etc.

    Next stop will be site called that offers another free e-book so you can learn command line interface under which the server runs.

    to play arround with a server and learn a bit a virtual WAMP or (even better) LAMP server is also an option.
    Easy to understand Ubuntu manual with lots of pics:
    Do i need antivirus/firewall in linux?
    User friendly disk backup: Redobackup


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