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Thread: Can i use 9.04 ones updates stop coming?..

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    Can i use 9.04 ones updates stop coming?..

    Hi, I have a Ubuntu9.04 cd with it's own Book 'The Fourth Edition', but I'm not sure if I would run into problems with 'Updates'.now or soon enough.?

    I also have a fedora 2core which is pretty old & i was wondering the same thing ...
    I would like to install it and possibly use that version of grub to boot all the rest of the distros like 10.10 & I have fedora14 on external.

    I was just reading about multi booting Linux bistros & since i had problems before I want to 'Avoid' the same faith this round. I have two drives of 500Gb with 1 os on each .

    The external one has a Lab spin version of fedora14 & i would like to add 9.04 & Bt4 there first,before attempting it on the / main drive .If only for learning purposes ..

    In other words it's time to start 'learn,'working' on MBR's & Boot loaders...

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    Re: Can i use 9.04 ones updates stop coming?..

    ... what exactly is the issue you need help with?

    Regarding your thread title, I'm using 9.04 on one of my boxes now and it's just fine. It is no longer supported (so says my update manager), but it's fine with me. It still showed updates... but they weren't there to download (404-like errors). I'll update to a long-term support release when I get the chance, though.

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