hi I have a problem:
I have installed mint(mate) and everything worked, installed bumblebee and so on

but after I installed your script (eee1015pn-acpitools) gdm won't start and if I start display-settings in the console there comes:
"ERROR: Could not find nvidia.ko kernel module. Adjust the path manually in the Variables section of the display-settings script"
if i remove your script my netbook the gdm start...but so I get an error

have I to write in the file like the message says (but which file exactly -> you conf file says nothing about the nvidia.ko file or so) or is Linux Mint 14.1 Mate simply not supportet? :/

oh and btw: with 12.10 and so i have no problems with your script - but i wanted to use linux mint so i would like to fix this error

so far ~ panda