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Thread: Compling PCSX-Reload for Linux Mint 10

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    Compling PCSX-Reload for Linux Mint 10

    I use Linux Mint 10 32-bit, which is Ubuntu 10.10, Linux 2.6.35, Gnome 2.32, and Xorg 7.5. I ran into an error while running ./configure.

    configure: error: *** libglade2 not found!
    I really don't want to go on another wild goose chase halfway across the Internet, and I'm afraid I'll break my distribution if I install random things with the word "libglade2" in them or start compiling things I don't understand. Looking at the documents that come with the source, I can't see what dependencies it requires.

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    Re: Compling PCSX-Reload for Linux Mint 10

    I'm sure someone here will be able to help, but perhaps you could also try the Linux Mint forums at ?


    After a quick Google search I did find a post which talks about libglade and how to get it installed.
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