Hey Everyone,
I am relatively new to Ubuntu (still learning things all the time so PM me some top tips if you have the time ) but recently I've found a huge gap in Line6 customer support and I see that many of our users have made requests to Line6 before so I have written this letter after a couple of hours of research but still don't fully understand how Linux drivers work and I was wondering if some of you could express some views on it or add something I have missed? I'd really like to make sure all of my information is correct before sending it off and as I don't have a lot of friends (IRL or UbuntuForums xD) I was hoping you guys could proof read as critically as possible as this will be sent off with the intention of getting something done and hopefully be something I can give back to Ubuntu for the best operating system I've used
I plan to mail, email and send via their feedback system. (would you consider this rude?)
Lastly -I hope this is the right section to post in so sorry if it isn't!

Thanks everyone!
Find the letter below

Dear Sir/Madam,
Firstly I'd like to say I have many Line6 products and I love them all thank you so much for all of them and how well they currently work. But I have an issue that hasn't resolved even over the course of my Line6 consumer life - a distinct lack of Linux support.
I understand there's a high possibility this will be overlooked as writing drivers for Linux is not seen as a great investment and as our community would never picket a growing company such as Line6 there is no real threat of you losing business, but should this reach someone I'd like to make a few appropriate points apparent:

-Linux does have a large community
Should you write these drivers you would appease a great number of individuals who don't want to be constrained by other operating systems, this is often overlooked as there are many different distros of the operating system and Linux doesn't record every aspect of the consumer's life like some other operating systems so we can't tell you the exact numbers of users.

-Linux has a large growing commercially viable music community
We've taken the time to develop our own open source DAW which is more than equivalent to the likes of Cubase, Logic and Pro Tools and despite wanting to make things free and accessible for all we do understand that paying for things like hardware in necessary as well as logical.

-You will be coding for UNIX systems soon anyway as a result of the Google Chrome UNIX OS which will be released in the near future it is poised to displace the two current leading OSs. Why not get a head start with the support of our community? We would gladly help as best we can.

-You will become a part of something special, simply read some of the ethical applications behind Linux based operating systems -especially Ubuntu and the like. If you become a part of our family you definitely won't regret it we always respond in like to those who respond well to us.

Thank you so much if you read this,
Sean Hampton
(Ubuntu forum handle: XplosivduX)