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Thread: Problems with LiveUsb

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    Problems with LiveUsb

    When I tried to download ubuntu studio, I didint have a blank dvd on hand so I attempted to use a usb. I downloaded the iso and used unbootin to make it bootable on my usb drive. For some reason it didin't work and told me it could not be mounted from the cd rom drive.

    Is there a way to make an ubuntu studio liveusb? or must I use a dvd?

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    Re: Problems with LiveUsb

    I had this problem a while back too - which version of uNetbootin are you using? I found v494 works fine - with the caveat that Synaptic does not yet recognize USB installations, so it can be a bit of a pain if its updates call for you to 'insert your CD/DVD' - but they're working on it
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