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Thread: wicd wpa_supplicant "bad password" problem & workaround

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    wicd wpa_supplicant "bad password" problem & workaround (wireless connection)

    I have a "bad password" reply using wicd 1.7.0 with WPA and a preshared key within Ubuntu 10.10, i.e., I am unable to make automatic/repeatable wireless connections using wicd without a workaround.

    I believe this may be a problem interaction between wicd and the way wpa_supllicant is passing the (preshared) key to the network authority (the router). In my case, I use a Linksys WRT54GL running DD-WRT v24-sp2 (10/10/09) std - build 13064 OpenSource firmware, configured as an Access Point in Mixed mode (b/g).

    I have no problem authenticating WPA Personal TKIP or AES from Windows or Mac OS X clients with a variety of wireless adapters (Linksys, D-Link, Lucent, Airport (Mac)) (No intervention is required to produce the secure connections).

    With wicd 1.7.0 and wpasupplicant 0.6.10-2 (wext as wpa_supplicant driver selected in wicd by default) on Linux 2.6.35.-24-generic (Ubuntu "Maverick Meerkat") and a Lucent Orinoco Gold 802.11b wireless adapter I am able to connect to the network initialy (one time) without the "bad password" error.

    After the initial successful connection, reconnection is not possible (the "bad password" error) ***unless the wireless security settings on the router are re-applied. Once reapplied/resaved, a subsequent attempt to create a wireless connection from the Linux client will succeed without any changes having been made on the client side.

    The psk data being sent to the router (with respect to the Wireless security settings) is being cached in such a way the connection is initially possible but defeats subsequent attempts at connection. Perhaps the passkey is cached/stored on the client side (after it is used to make the first connection) in such a way that it will be sent incorrectly upon subequent attempts at connection? Of course, I'm simply guessing, here ... it is by luck that I found the workaround to establish this wireless connection.

    BTW, FYI, I was unable to use the Gnome Network-Manager to establish any wireless connections at all. Thus, Network-Manager was uninstalled (sudo apt-get purge network-manager) during the installation of wicd (Ubuntu Software centre). wpa_supplicant was re-installed (Synaptic) after wicd was installed.
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