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Thread: printing from a Macbook through a linux printer/server

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    printing from a Macbook through a linux printer/server

    I have an HP 3030 LaserJet connected via USB to my Linux desktop running Ubuntu 12.10. In the past, I have been able to print from my Macbook (OS10.6.8) over my wireless system, but somewhere along the line in upgrading Ubuntu, I have lost the connection.
    The Macbook sees the printer, but will not print to it, generating the error message: "Network host 192:168.11.2 is busy; will retry in 30 sec." Alternatively, I sometimes get error message: "Cannot connect to printer; will retry...."

    I have checked to verify that I have CUPS loaded, and even loaded Samba. But nothing works.
    The http://Localhost:631 site shows the printer as "located" at URL: ipp://, and "connected" at ipp://

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: printing from a Macbook through a linux printer/server

    If you don't see any obvious errors in /var/log/cups then it's usually easier to completely delete the printer and create a new printer. Sometimes the print queue gets messed up (not unlike Windows) and the only recourse is to delete it and create a new one. After verifying that it prints OK in linux using an application, not simply a test print, then try to print from the Mac. Make sure "Publish Printer" is selected from CUPS on the linux machine that is hosting the printer.
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