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Thread: Cloud on ubuntu Desktop

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    Post Cloud on ubuntu Desktop

    Hello there,
    I am wondering that is it possible to install cloud on ubuntu desktop?
    If I have ubuntu desktop edition in my laptop and then using these commands if I install cloud then will it work properly or not?

    sudo apt-get install eucalyptus-cloud

    Installing cloud on a single machine will it make any kind of problem or what? Additionally I am avoiding to install UEC, and usign ubuntu desktop I want to work with cloud.

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    Re: Cloud on ubuntu Desktop


    This is how to install from bare packages

    However installing UEC from CD is definitely easier, and results in a more supported configuration. Also, you'd still need at least 2 machines (CLC/CC/SC/Walrus, and NC). There are hacks to install on a single machine, but that would be an unsupported configuration

    For the easiest way to play with UEC, try my blog post on running UEC on EC2

    Have fun


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