SO sorry for the repost, my last post turned out to be an empty flop I can't delete. Good job, me.

I can't sync my LG VU CU920 phone, which I use as my music player. Ubuntu doesn't seem to want to recognise it as an MP3 player. I tried connecting it with a USB cord in Music Sync mode,
"Connecting as Music Sync..."
"Music Sync not supported, connecting as Mass Storage"

Then it connects as mass storage, basically treating it the same as a USB thumbstick.

I've even tried opening sound and music folders in the phone and copy/pasting my .MP3 files in, but the phone doesn't find them, (even if I reboot the phone), OR if they're in the same folder as recordable sounds or ringtones, (general sounds and music are different folders) I can't put them into playlists in the music player.

How do I get Ubuntu to recognize my LG VU CU920 in Music Sync mode as an MP3 Player so I can sync .mp3 files to it normally?