Hi everyone.

I have a new laser printer, a HP LaserJet P1006. I am happy with the easy install process under Ubuntu (much, much easier than under Win7) and, while almost everything works perfectly, there is a function I can't enable under Ubuntu: RET.

RET, which means Resolution Enhancement Technology, is a technique to improve the apparent resolution of the printed graphics by smartly placing the dots in the print image. Activating it under Windows brings a appreciable improvement in the quality, making much harder to differentiate the dots of which the image is composed. However this option is not available under Ubuntu in any of the possible drivers.

Does anyone knows how to enable this option under Ubuntu? Is it a limitation of the drivers or of the OS? If it is from the drivers, are there updated drivers with this option built-in?

I am using Ubuntu 10.10 amd64.

Thanks you