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Thread: Evolution using lots of Memory on 10.10

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    Evolution using lots of Memory on 10.10

    I upgraded to 10.10 a few months ago.

    All was well until a week or so ago, my PC was incredibly slow to respond to anything - mouse clicks, etc.

    After investigating, I found Evolution using 90% of my RAM - I have 4G.

    I restarted the PC, started up Evolution and everything was better for a very short while. I then found Evolution using 2Gb+ again later that day.

    I have noticed that immediately upon startup of Evolution, watching top, evolution uses 900Mb+ Virt and 450+Mb Res. If I open a single email, it jumps to 1300+ Virt, 500+ Res. The more I read a few more emails, the more it jumps.

    I have updated everything possible via Synaptic.

    I only have a handful of accounts - probably 3 POP3 that download to local folders, and about 5 IMAP (GMail) based ones. Nothing excessive IMHO.

    Now, Evolution is basically useless. All I can do is open it, check email, and close it as soon as possible.

    Any ideas?

    I'd rather not switch to another email client - I did that back in 10.04 when I switched off Thunderbird in favor of Evolution because of all the Evolution integration in Ubuntu/Gnome.
    Any ideas

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    Re: Evolution using lots of Memory on 10.10

    Had a similar problem with Outlook Express ages ago due to failure to archive old emails which eventually crashed everything.
    I suspect Evolution/Linux is different.
    I would like to comment further by comparing what I've got, but first [step-by-step] let me know how you found out that Evolution was using 90% of your RAM?

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