I'm dual-booting Ubuntu 10.10 alongside Windows 7 on my HP mini 311. When I'm booted into Ubunut my wireless card will connect to my network relatively quickly, but will disconnect about five minutes later. Once this happens, I have to wait about 30 seconds for it to find the network and connect again. I wouldn't have much of an issue with this because it does reconnect fine, but if I'm downloading a file or streaming Pandora, the stream is ruined and I have to restart the download or refresh a page.

I know it's not an issue with the hardware because when I'm booted into Windows 7 I can make a connections and never have an issue with it disconnecting every five minutes.

Most of the posts I've seen have to deal with the card in the mini 311 not connecting at all, but my card is recognized and connections are made, they just aren't reliable or consistent. Anyone have any suggestions?