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Thread: No makefile found

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    Question No makefile found

    Hi everyone.
    I'm having difficulties installing from tarballs.
    Nobody really never told me how to do it nor I found a tutorial which might be the problem, but i seriously have no idea and every README just gives a few terminal commands which for some reason don't work.
    I extract the folders into my home folder, then open them up and right-click to get an "Open Terminal here" option (might this be the problem?)
    Normally you would run a "configure" file by doubleclicking it and "running in terminal", and that works. BUT, when i cd into the location and type "make" into the terminal, it vomits this.
    jvacek996@Ubuntu-6730s:~/clutter-1.5.12/build$ make
    make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.
    And that's where I'm stuck. When I look into the folder however, there are always files called Makefile with .am and .in appendixes.
    I am running a 10.10 64-bit, i used to run 32-bit but don't remember whether I used to have the same or not.
    Thanks for helping me!

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    Re: No makefile found

    I would suggest opening a terminal first before running any of the commands.

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    Re: No makefile found

    i seriously have no idea and every README just gives a few terminal commands which for some reason don't work.
    While some sources have no decent readme's or install file(s), when they do there is usually some worthwhile info (which I believe is the case here so read thru a little closer.

    Not sure what source you're using, what you posted suggests a tarball. In that case you probably should be 1 directory up, ie. not in the build directory.
    It's likely that in there will a configure script that you'll need to run and PASS before a Makefile is created
    ( and are used by the Makefile

    If there is no configure script then look for an

    In cases where there is a configure and no worthwhile text file then sometimes useful to run, at the extracted source prompt,
    ./configure --help

    As mentioned before you'd be better off cd'ing to your extracted source directory and running from there., ie.

    It's also possible that this is a source you'd be better off not building, though borking things up isn't the worst way to learn stuff.

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