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Thread: Help with kdenlive custom profile - clips for halloween

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    Help with kdenlive custom profile - clips for halloween

    I have an optoma PK301 projector, which we're going to use to project some horror clips for a party on the weekend.

    The PK301 comes with some windows software to convert files for playing on its SD card. It's a customised version of Arcsoft media convertor. The software settings as I can extract them from the arcsoft software are:

    Video Resolution: 720x480
    Video bitrate: 1536Kbps
    Video Frame rate: 30.00
    Video aspect ratio: 3:2
    Video codec: Arcsoft H264 codec
    Audio codec: PCM, 44100Hz

    I'm a video editing newbie. I'm using avidemux to extract clips (sources are a variety of different formats). And kdenlive to stitch them together.

    I then have to render, and it makes sense to render directly into a format which the optoma will use.
    Is there a profile which matches this so I can prepare movies directly in kdenlive? Or how can I create a custom profile?

    I don't really know a CIF NTSC from a VCD Pal, and selecting them gives me only half the info. I've tried 10+ profiles now and it's taking ages so I could use some expert help

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    Re: Help with kdenlive custom profile - clips for halloween

    The PK 301 only reads fixed bitrate MPEG-4 video with mono or stereo audio in MP3 or AAC encoding.

    You can easily batch re-encode your files with WinFF.

    You will find the presettings files here to encode in 800 kbps (enough for me) or 1000 kbps.

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    Re: Help with kdenlive custom profile - clips for halloween

    I found it on KDEnLive forum:

    f=avi vcodec=libx264 s=720x480 b=1536k aspect=%dar acodec=aac ab=128k ar=44100
    PK301 accepts

    video codec (vcodec) : h264 in fileformats (f) : mp4, avi, mov, 3gp [BASELINE]
    video codec (vcodec) : mpeg4 in fileformats (f) : avi [SIMPLE PROFILE]
    video codec (vcodec) : xvid in fileformats (f) : avi [BASELINE]
    max resolution (s) : 720 x 480
    audio codec (acodec) : AAC, MP3, PCM, ADPCM, WMA, OGG

    In KDEnLive ( I have 0.8.2 ) choose Rendering->H.264
    & then set bitrate of video & audio.
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