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Thread: How do I change the terminal mapping F1-F7

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    How do I change the terminal mapping F1-F7

    I've always wanted to change the terminal mappings F1-F7:
    The default is F1-F6 are real terminals, F7 is the desktop, F8 is error output. But how can I reconfigure this?

    What if I want, say, F6 to also be a desktop and F8 to be another terminal or even F9 - F12 to be terminals or simply put Desktop's at everything F1-F12.

    This is bound to be stored somewhere.
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    Re: How do I change the terminal mapping F1-F7

    Workspaces allow you to manage which windows are on your screen. You can imagine workspaces as being virtual screens, which you can switch between at any time. Every workspace contains the same desktop, the same panels, and the same menus. However, you can run different applications, and open different windows in each workspace. The applications in each workspace will remain there when you switch to other workspaces.
    ... from the Gnome Desktop User Manual. Hit F1 and search for "workspaces". I assume other desktop managers call them workspaces too.
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