Right now I have
netstat --tcp --numeric |  cut -c 45-65 | sort -u | sed '/Foreign/d' | sed '/^$/d' | grep -e ':80' -e ':443'
Which will show me all of my http stuff. I would like to continue to do this for Other protocols (email, ftp, etc..) The problem I have is that I cannot figure out how to grep something like :48620-:49150 I am not even sure that this is possible. If it is not then is there any way to create a list of those numbers in this format

-e ':48620'
-e ':48621'

So that I can just dump that into my script? Also, will that seriously affect the performance of the script if I have to do it that way because of the length? I read somewhere that this sort of thing can be done with sed but I am not really sure. Thanks in advance.