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Thread: If someone need, multiboot dvd

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    If someone need, multiboot dvd

    Hi everybody, many times I saw on Internet that people ask how to create Linux multi boot DVD, so, here are some new distros, installed in one DVD.
    I chose 4shared for hosting of files, because they don’t have so big limitations about download as others have, although maximum file size for upload is 200MB. I had to split/separate 4GB into 21 file. You must download 21 times 190MB, unzip and get one iso file 4GB. I used 7-Zip software for that. Some hosting solutions where people can upload 5GB simply didn’t work or I had to wait 6 hours to upload one file and I didn’t have time for that.
    You can download all files from here:

    In any case, ISO was created with SarduCD software, therefore there are some utilities and not only linux distros.

    Here are utilities:
    NT password (cd100627.iso)
    Ophcrack (ophcrack xp live cd 2.3.1.iso)
    Ultimate Boot CD (ubcd503.iso)

    And next linux distros:
    Backtrack (bt4-r2.iso)
    Fedora (fedora-14.iso)
    Ubuntu (ubuntu10.10.iso)

    Note No1: when I uploaded file, internet connection was broken at the end of upload, but I think everything is okay, if something is wrong, you can send me information and I will upload again that file.
    Note No2: when you boot DVD after burning, you should know that backtrack will show console situation, you will have to type startx in order to get graphic interface/GUI. After that, you will have to start network, backtrack by default is not connected with network, in order to be able to use internet, open console and type: sudo update-rc.d networking defaults
    If this doesn’t help, you will have to ask in backtrack forum for help. And by default, backtrack username is root and password toor, if you need it.


    There is one more Linux MultiBoot DVD iso image created on January 16.2011. Here are links for download, all of it in one folder
    Here are versions of all included files: Screenshot

    Inside of 4GB iso file are next things:

    * Antivirus
    AOSS PC Tools
    Avira Antivir Rescue ystem
    VBA Rescue

    * Utility
    NT Password
    Redo Backup Live CD
    Hiren's Boot CD
    System Rescue CD
    Ultimate Boot CD

    * Linux Live
    Austrumi (I checked with Virtual Box, here is what I got for Austrumi: boot menu was okay but boot was stopped. Austrumi kernel need pae and what is pae, I don’t know. If you know how to edit iso image before burning to DVD, you can correct this mistake.)
    Damn Small Linux

    * Windows
    Windows XP Recovery Disk
    Win 7 Recovery Disk
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    Re: If someone need, multiboot dvd

    Hi, I created again multiboot iso image, with newer versions/distros, sardu1.iso is 3.36GB and it can be burned to DVD and sardu2.iso is 5.9GB (included backtrack 5 R2 gnome) and it can be burned to dual layer DVD or installed to USB.


    sardu1 details:
    f-secure rescue 3.14-44905
    panda safe

    clonezilla 20120326-oneiric
    GParted 0.12.1-1
    NTpassword 110511
    Ophcrack 2.3.1 vista and xp
    Partition Wizard 7.1
    Ultimate Boot CD 511
    Hiren's Boot CD 15.1 (lot of software:

    Fedora 16 i686
    Limp (120MB)
    Ubuntu 11.10 i386

    sardu2 details:
    the same like sardu1 + added backtrack 5 R2 Gnome

    note: when you install it, you can boot Hiren's CD and choose Mini Win XP and there are lot of softwares to use.

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    Re: If someone need, multiboot dvd

    I made new Sardu DVD, 4.07GB file, March 14.2013. if you need it, you can download it and burn to DVD. I think this is nice collection, instead to have 3 or 5 CD/DVD, you get all in one DVD. (information.txt file 476B) (sardu.7z.001 1.81GB) (sardu.7z.002 1.81GB) (sardu.7z.003 437MB)


    Dr.Web Live (drweb-livecd-602.iso)
    Panda Safe 4.4.3

    NT Password (cd110511.iso)
    Ophcrack without tables (ophcrack-notables-livecd-3.4.0.iso) so you must have tables downloaded to USB.
    Hiren's Boot CD 15.2

    Puppy Linux (Slacko Puppy 5.5)
    Slax (7.0.6 i486)
    xPUD (xpud-0.9.2.iso)
    Ubuntu (ubuntu-mini-remix-12.04-i3386.iso) this is basic ubuntu 200MB, I got only Terminal and then I should use it to install Ubuntu to PC "from scratch", but for live DVD use, you can use Kubuntu.
    Kubuntu (kubuntu-12.10-Desktop-i386.iso)
    Mint (linux mint cinnamon 14.1 dvd 32bit)
    Tails (tails-i386-0.17.iso) this is privacy distro of linux, you get connected to Internet through Tor network (proxies).

    although it is big question how much tails and tor network are really independent from american intelligence:
    admin of forum also censored/deleted topic: A highbandwith Tor node operator also flies a Predator B drone.
    38 "operators" collectively carry half of all Tor traffic:

    so, tails and Tor are secure how much you make it to be secured. don't believe to developers.
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    Re: If someone need, multiboot dvd

    Thanks a lot! I was long searching for a multi-boot iso. I'm downloading all parts. just a question; Should I extract all parts in a folder and then make .iso but how? is there any software for that?
    By the way only this link (4Shared) is working all other are not. I understand it's an old post though!


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