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Thread: Upstart, Sphinx and Rails

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    Upstart, Sphinx and Rails


    I've got Ruby on Rails application running on Ubuntu 10.04. My app requires Sphinx server to run and currently it's not started automatically after server reboot. I wanted to use upstart to handle it, but I can't make it work at all.

    Here's the upstart script I got:

    description "Sphinx"
    start on startup
    stop on shutdown
    exec /bin/su - deploy -c "cd /var/www/apps/my_app/current && RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake thinking_sphinx:start"
    It calls rake task which in turn starts searchd with proper config file.

    After running "sudo start my_service" it just hangs. If I change path in the command above to some fake one, it still hangs - no difference. If I press CTRL+C while it hangs and try to start it again, it says that my_service is already running, but searchd daemon is actually not running. I tried adding "expect fork", but it doesn't change anything.

    If I manually run the command upstart is supposed to run with sudo - it works.

    Any ideas?

    [EDIT] I got it working with init.d script using exactly the same command, but upstart looks so much nicer
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    Re: Upstart, Sphinx and Rails

    And that's why I still use init.d for all my homemade init scripts. I'll try to transition them to upstart at some point though. I haven't done any Rails development in a while other than maintaining old applications. I'm going to have to tryout Thinking Sphinx.
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