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Thread: Problem with installation Driver for video card

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    Problem with installation Driver for video card

    Hello. I have laptop with Intel i5 M 480 @ 2.67GHz proccessor and Ati Radeon HD 5730 video card.
    I need to use Linux now thats why I had install Kubuntu 11.10
    I have external monitor that is connected to my laptop.
    Monitor on laptop had displays perfectly, but not external one.
    Screen settings get ability to install big dimension, but frequency is very small and colors are very diffused.
    I had try to install driver for this video card in many variants.
    First of all I had try to install it via related menu - one driver that has label "periodically updated" dosn't want to be installede at all, another one has installation successfully label, but if i switch to external display and make high dimension and frequency I see that it display incorrect - there are much bands and colors - very crazy picture.

    Also I had unistall drivers through terminal few times before running install again (I had read some topics how to do that). Itry to install driver using downloaded officially from ATI site *.run file format (11.9 and 11.10).
    I found that it could be installed in few variants - sometimeth it fails sometimeth success.
    When it fails - I had need to delete xorg.conf file or reinstall driver becouse it doesn't make me go in more than authorization window. When success - I try to install dimension/frequency and I see again bands and colors on external monitor.

    I'm a Windows user and all such things is too horrible for me. In my situation I can't work in linux becouse I can't configure display of my external monitor (driver couldn't be installed/configured properly).

    If somebody could help - I'm waiting for you help with great pleasure.

    Sorry for my english - i'm ukrainian.

    Thanks, Yuriy.

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    Re: Problem with installation Driver for video card

    Nobody could help?


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