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Thread: Ok microphone for Ubuntu...

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    Smile Ok microphone for Ubuntu...

    I'm looking into getting an ok microphone for guitar, song and speech, to use with Ubuntu. It's for hobby use, so I don't need the best microphone, just something that is good and will work in Ubuntu. Any recommendations?

    Should I get an USB one, or just a normal one and use my built in sound card?

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    Re: Ok microphone for Ubuntu...

    Not sure about USB mics but if you use one through your normal sound card then any one should be fine subject to the following:

    - Make sure the jack is the right size - standard performance mics have large male jack connectors and your soundcard will likely only have small jack inputs (you could always get a reducer).

    - Dont get a mic that requires phantom power as your card wont be able to supply it.

    At one time I was using a singstar PS2 mic plugged into my soundcard and it worked fine (not exactly professional but ok for playing around with). If you wont something a bit more useful for if you want to go a bit more serious later than you cant go wrong with a Shure SM58 or SM57 - very versatile and a good quality for home use.

    Hope that helps.

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