This is a problem I've been trying to work out for a few months now. I have a macbook "blackbook" intel core 2 duo, and I've been trying to install a variety of distros on it, including ubuntu. However, my macbook refuses to boot from any medium whatsoever unless it's leopard or snow leopard. I've made dozens of linux DVDs and CDs, and they all work on different computers, but not on the macbook. I've burned tried different combinations of which computers to burn the CD, which ones to boot from the CD.... every combination works, except for when the macbook tries to boot from a CD / DVD / flash drive / external HD.

I thought it might have something to do with mac os, so I re-installed snow leopard an all updates. I have rEFIt, and it recognizes my CD/DVD/external as being linux, but when I try to boot, I just get a black screen with a cursor. I leave it and nothing happens. I don't think it's finding the operating system, but it works everywhere else!!

Any ideas on what I should do?