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Thread: How to replace Notify OSD

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    How to replace Notify OSD

    To all of you that don't like notify OSD, here is how you can get good old notifications that one can click on.

    After reading about Notify OSD, I've found out that it has been done according to some standard, and, most likely, the standard was done towards OS X notifications system. Everything look nice IMHO, but using it is frustrating.
    Many applications rely on notification system, take Gwibber, for example, you get notification of new tweet which contain a link, but to open the link, you have to go to the actual app (gwibber) and then open a link. What's the use of notification in that case? And if you want to keep the notification displayed a bit longer, you instinctively move your mouse pointer over it, but than the notification gets blurred and you no longer see what's on it. Totally counter-intuitively.
    Also, I'm using Dropbox for sharing, so when someone add a content to our shared folder, I get notification which says something like "... click to open a folder...". But, again no use of click, I have to manually open nautilus etc.

    In rational, designers say they want to protect user from accidental clicks. This is a bad argument IMHO, users aren't stupid, there is a plenty of other ways to make harm to your computer.

    One more thing that bothers people is that you can't change the notification's position on the screen without patching notify-osd. Notification position can become real issue when you have two monitors for example.

    So, I decided to disable notify OSD and give a chance to notification-deamon, which does what I expect it to do, although it's not an eye candy.

    Firstly, I tried to uninstall notify-osd, but that's impossible since ubuntu-desktop package depends on it!!!

    Here is another way to do it:

    1. Install notification-deamon (sudo apt-get install notification-deamon)
    2. Open /usr/share/dbus-1/services/org.freedesktop.Notifications.service (You can backup this file if you plan to return to notify-osd later)
    3. Change the 'Exec' line to
    Exec = /usr/lib/notification-daemon/notification-daemon
    4. Save the file and restart computer

    I also want to say that for an average user this may look complicated and it is one of the design decision which makes harm to linux popularity.


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    Re: How to replace Notify OSD

    Quote Originally Posted by robi_sabocanec View Post
    most likely, the standard was done towards OS X notifications system.
    OS X doesn't have a notification system. There's Growl, but that's a 3rd party app and is available for Windows, too.

    I like notify-osd myself. Having it pre-installed and integrated is one of the things that genuinely puts Ubuntu ahead of Windows or OS X. Fair enough if you want to remove it though, it's your system.

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