For the record, I can report that I have successfully used a remote support app (teamviewer, proprietary. No cost for non-commercial use), to actively help a remote novice prepare for and install Ubuntu dual boot.

Teamviewer was used to control Windows7, to do a Windows 7 self resize, download of iso and then infrarecorder, and iso burn. Then Ubuntu 10.04.1 Live CD session was used, teamviewer then downloaded and installed into the live session and used for remote access with the live session.

Ubuntu live session was used to verify Ubuntu compatibility then create partitions for the Ubuntu install, then start and initially run the Ubuntu installer from its live session desktop icon.

Advanced install was chosen and then the targeted partitions chosen, and the installer was allowed to continue initially still with the remote access running.

Remote access was continued for a short time to verify that the install process had started as expected, for example the file systems created, and copying began, also the entry of user name and password choices etc. At this stage the remote access was ceased to avoid any supposed conflict between the remote access software and the installation process.

Skype was also being used on another nearby machine at the remote location. This helped with reassurance for the remote novice. Remote access can be pretty spooky. Also the remote novice does need to be capable to accept and follow some instructions although this is much reduced by using remote access software.

Adsl connections were approximately 4MB/s I think.