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Thread: Samba Speed Issues

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    Samba Speed Issues

    I have an ubuntu 10.04 server. It has samba 3.4.7.

    I did some testing and found its SMB performance to be very slow compared to windows and Mac OSX.

    My tests were transferring a file over 5 ghz wireless N to an iMac. I initiated the transfer on the iMac. The server is connected via gigabit to my router. To test Windows and OSX samba performance i connected my MacBook Pro to the router via gigabit and turned off the wireless. Again, i initiated the transfer from the iMac. Used the same port on the router and the same ethernet cable for both the server and the laptop. I also tested FTP for a comparison.

    I didn't use a program to test the speed, but i just looked at the numbers that iStat menus said the network connection was transferring data at.

    Here are my results in megabytes per second.

    FTP Peaked at 10.6, averaged around 8-9
    SMB Peaked at 4.1, averaged around 3-4

    Windows 7
    FTP peaked at 9.4, averaged around 8
    SMB peaked at 7.4, averaged around 6-7

    Mac OSX
    AFP peaked at 9.1, averaged around 6.5-8
    FTP peaked at 11.3, averaged around 8-10
    SMB peaked at 8.7, averaged around 5.9-7.8

    I saw some stuff about adjusting the socket options, but i didn't see any changes, but i may have done it wrong.

    Here is my current options:

    So what can i do to make my speeds go up? I didn't test gigabit to gigabit, but i get up to 25 MB/sec when booted in OS X to the linux server, initiating the transfer on the mac. I know there is a Samba 3.5 out, but i couldn't find a clear answer on how to upgrade to it. or should i upgrade to 10.10? I believe it comes with 3.5. Would i be able to upgrade without wiping my data?

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    Re: Samba Speed Issues

    I upgraded to the 3.5.6 version of samba, but the speed remains the same.

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    Re: Samba Speed Issues

    i found a work around that works in my situation. I installed netatalk using this tutorial:

    it mounts just like samba shares did, but the performance is much better. i'm getting up to 10MB/sec. Wish i coulda figured out how to get samba to work that nicely.


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