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Thread: Ubuntu server and sudo

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    Re: Ubuntu server and sudo

    Quote Originally Posted by CharlesA View Post
    I use a rsync script in a root crontab.

    Same here
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    Re: Ubuntu server and sudo

    Quote Originally Posted by pmatos View Post
    ... the whole point was to do this with sudo through the sudoers file by allowing backuppc act as root when using /bin/tar. ....
    AFAIK, there's nothing in your script or in your sudoers file that makes the tar command run with root privileges :

    - your script says "switch user to baccuppc and run /bin/tar"
    - your sudoers file says that "backuppc" would be allowed to switch user to root and run /bin/tar"
    but there is nothing there that makes that "switch user to root" actually happen - and backuppc has insufficient access rights to tar your files

    although I could be wrong, I've never seen a sudoers file in my life and am going by what I can understand from the man page.


    Apart from that, I agree with the others here: leave those sudo commands out of your script and run the entire script as root (via sudo) or from a root crontab.
    Alternatively, give the backuppc account sufficient access rights (eg through groups)
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